Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Caeden's surgery went well and he will be staying in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit tonight. The surgery lasted approximately 6 hours. The doctor tried to insert the dye into Caeden's gallbladder but his gallbladder was shriveled up from scar tissue. The doctor went ahead and removed his gallbladder for this reason.

Dr. Lemon said that he had a little trouble inserting his Broviac Central Line so that lengthened the surgery a little bit. The Broviac Central Line is basically a catheter that is inserted into the jugular vein of the neck and comes out through his chest. This line will be used to administer antibiotics for six weeks after the surgery. In addition, this line will be used to draw blood to monitor his health and recovery. Caeden will have the Broviac Central Line for many months and could be kept in for an entire year.

We will be in the hospital with Caeden for at least a week but could be up to 2 weeks. It all depends on how he is progressing. Caeden is being feed intravenously through the Broviac central line and will be fed this way for 3-4 days. At that point he should be able to go back to eating breast milk. He has a 6 inch incision along his abdomen where the surgery occured.

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