Friday, January 22, 2010

Freedom from Tubes

Denae and I did not get much sleep last night because Caeden was very active and fussy. We took turns getting up with him throughout the night and we figured that he probably was in a little bit of pain. We asked the nurse about adjusting his pain medicine and so the nurse called the anesthesiologist and they came up and gave him some additional pain medicine.

Dr. Mcloughlin and Dr. Lemon came by to check on Caeden today and felt that he was doing good. The anesthesiologist removed the epidural today and shortly thereafter the nurse removed the NG tube from Caeden's nose. The nurse also removed both IV's from his hands. We had to wait 4 hours before the nurse could remove Caeden's catheter. Once they removed most of the tubes we were able to give Caeden his first sponge bath since the surgery. We had to give him his bath on the bed and we just put towels underneath him. He is now a clean baby and smells good.

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  1. So happy that he will be without all those tubes, he will begin to feel better I am sure. And in turn, so will both of you. I hope you slept better last night. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Hugs.....