Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day after surgery

Caeden did well his first night in the PICU. After surgery Caeden was wide awake and very calm. He had a respiratory tube in his mouth when he came out of surgery. However, he let everyone know that he did not like the breathing tube and decided to push it out of his mouth.

He tried falling asleep but wasn't able to because he was in a little pain. The anesthesiologist made an adjustment to his epidural and his pain medicine. After they made the adjustment he was much more comfortable and able to fall asleep. Caeden has slept for most of the day today but has been awake a couple of times for a short period. We found out today that Caeden is allergic to the tape that they use in the hospital. He is allergic to the clear tape and the white tape that they use. His skin is red and irritated wherever the tape has been. Caeden's face is a little puffy from the IV fluid that he has been receiving but should subside in a few days.

We spoke with Dr. Lemon (Surgeon) and Dr. Mcloughlin (GI) today and they both said that he looked good and was doing well. They felt that he could be moved out of intensive care today. However, there were no available beds so we will most likely be staying in the PICU another night. Hopefully tomorrow there will be a room available for us.

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