Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moved to Pediatric Specialty Unit

We were awoken at 4 a.m. this morning with the nurse tapping Denae's shoulder saying that we had to move. Denae and I popped up out of bed thinking that something was wrong and that something had gone wrong with Caeden. However, the nurse assured us that everything was ok and that she was just telling us that they were going to move us to a new room on the 6th floor and that we had an hour to get ready to move. The charge nurse came in about a half hour later and said the plans had changed and we wouldn't be moving after all.

We eventually fell back asleep and then were awoken once again when Caeden started crying and then the alarms on the monitor started going off. I hopped up and went to check on Caeden and he had pulled the tube almost completely out of his nose. He was even able to pull the tape off of his check that was holding the tube in place.

They ended up finally moving us up to the sixth floor in the pediatric specialties unit. When we left the intensive care unit all of the nurses were very sad to see him go. He was a popular little guy with all of the nurses and they couldn't stop talking about him and how cute he his (blessings that he got from his Dad). We now have our own private room with our own shower and bathroom which is very nice.

Caeden has done very well today and we have started to see signs that he is getting back to his old self. We were able to hold him several times today which was a lot of fun and I think Caeden enjoyed it as well. He was talking a little bit in the afternoon today and he also had a couple of smiles. He has been awake most of the afternoon and had his first poopy diaper in three days. This is a very good sign because it means that his small intestines are starting to recover and work again. Caeden will start being fed through an IV tonight and should be able to go back to breast milk in a couple of days.

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  1. I am so happy for all three of you that Caeden is doing so well. I can't tell you how worried the whole Kouri family was. We knew he would be fine because of God's grace but we worried anyway. We love you all, stay strong and get some sleep. Thanks for including the picture of Caeden and his wall hanging on the blog.