Thursday, April 15, 2010

Home Once Again

We were released from the hospital on Monday. We are giving Caeden antibiotics from home three times a day. Caeden has been doing really well and all of us are thrilled to be at home and sleeping in our own beds. Denae is able to get Caeden to giggle out load by kissing his neck and it is very cute to hear. He is back to himself and is a happy little guy.

We go back on Monday to see Dr. Mcloughlin for a follow-up appointment. She will probably have the nurses draw some blood to see where his levels are at and to make sure that they have continued to go down. On Tuesday, we will be taking Caeden to the pediatrician to get his 2 month shots. We are a little behind on his shots due to the multiple hospital stays and him being sick. We are a little nervous for Caeden to get his 2 month shots because they typically cause a fever and I am sure he will be fussy for a day or two.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter & Hospital

Caeden was able to be home for his first Easter. We were released from the hospital on Good Friday. The Easter bunny made a surprise visit to see Caeden in the hospital. We spent Easter Sunday with both sides of the family and had a great time. It was so nice to be home once again and be with family. We were able to get all of the cousins together from the Hauquitz's side and take pictures in their matching outfits. Caeden got some new outfits from the Easter bunny which was very exciting.

Unfortunately, on Tuesday morning Caeden got a low grade fever. We went in and saw the doctor, they took some more blood tests and sent us home. We came back the next day so they could repeat the blood tests. Caeden still had a low grade fever on Wednesday night. He was very fussy and not his usual self. We contacted our pediatrician on Wednesday night and scheduled an appointment on Thursday morning. We wanted to rule out any basic or common sicknesses. The pediatrician tested him for strep throat and looked him over. The strep throat test came out negative however his fever had gone up to 100.9. Therefore, our pediatrician sent us back to UNM hospital. We were admitted in the hospital on Thursday night due to his elevated levels from the blood tests. They started him on the same antibiotics that he has previously been on. On Friday morning Dr. McLoughlin started him on a different antibiotic that is more specific to treat cholangitis. She feels that the last time he got cholangitis it was not fully cured. We will hopefully be released in a couple of days and can administer the antiobiotics at home. Caeden will be on this antibiotic three times a day for three weeks.

Due to our multiple hospital stays we have gotten to know many of the nurses in the general pediatric unit as well as the specialty pediatric unit. Everybody loves Caeden and now they all fight to get Caeden as a patient and take care of him. When we walk into the unit everybody acknowledges us and says hi. All of the nurses can't believe how big he has gotten and they enjoy seeing him get older and grow.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Home Again

The results came back from the biopsy yesterday afternoon and Caeden does not have Cholangitis. The doctor said his liver looked good.

Therefore, we were discharged from the hospital. We set up an appointment with Dr. Lemon for Thursday 04/08 to schedule the removal of Caeden's Broviac central line. Since the biopsy results didn't show anything the doctors are directing their attention to the central line as the source of Caeden's fevers. We hope and pray that Caeden can stay healthy long enough to get his line out.