Thursday, April 15, 2010

Home Once Again

We were released from the hospital on Monday. We are giving Caeden antibiotics from home three times a day. Caeden has been doing really well and all of us are thrilled to be at home and sleeping in our own beds. Denae is able to get Caeden to giggle out load by kissing his neck and it is very cute to hear. He is back to himself and is a happy little guy.

We go back on Monday to see Dr. Mcloughlin for a follow-up appointment. She will probably have the nurses draw some blood to see where his levels are at and to make sure that they have continued to go down. On Tuesday, we will be taking Caeden to the pediatrician to get his 2 month shots. We are a little behind on his shots due to the multiple hospital stays and him being sick. We are a little nervous for Caeden to get his 2 month shots because they typically cause a fever and I am sure he will be fussy for a day or two.

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  1. I am so happy he is home again. Maybe this will be forever. Thank you for writing these blogs, it keeps me in touch with you guys. I miss you all so much. Your in my praters every day. Give everyone squeezes for me especially Caeden.